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Overly large breasts can cause immense discomfort, back pains, and emotional distress. The weight of the breasts can also lead to rashes, difficulty in finding clothes, neck pain, and an inability to engage in physical activities and sports. Dr. Wu provides highly personalized breast reduction in The Woodlands to remove excess breast fat and glandular tissues, helping you achieve a breast size proportional to your body.

What is breast reduction?

Breast reduction is a surgical procedure that reduces breast size to improve your quality of life. The procedure involves removing excess breast fat, glandular tissues, and skin to reduce the overall breast size. This procedure is ideal for beauties with overly large breasts that cause numerous physical and emotional problems, such as back pain, neck pain, rashes, etc. A breast reduction can help you achieve a breast size proportionate to your body.

You’re the ideal candidate for breast reduction if you…

  • Are in generally good physical and mental health.
  • Don’t have underlying medical conditions that prevent optimal wound healing or recovery.
  • Don’t smoke or are willing to stop smoking several months before and after the surgery.
  • Have realistic expectations from breast reduction surgery.
  • Experience physical or emotional problems because of the size of your breasts.
  • Have breasts that limit your ability to engage in physical activities.
  • Have shoulder indentations from your bra straps.

Dr. Chaowen Wu carefully examines your breasts, discusses your goals, and reviews your medical history to determine if you’re the ideal candidate for breast reduction in The Woodlands. She also curates the procedure according to your specific goals to ensure optimal results that align with your expectations.

What happens during breast reduction surgery?

Dr. Wu performs breast reduction surgeries under general anesthesia. A breast reduction is a highly personalized procedure wherein the surgical plan is curated according to your breast tissues, skin, and nipple size. Dr. Wu will provide a complete overview of the treatment steps before the procedure, so you’ll know exactly what to expect.

During the surgery, Dr. Wu makes strategic incisions to remove excess skin, breast fat, and glandular tissues. If you have downward-pointing nipples, they will be repositioned so they face forwards. Enlarged nipples might be altered to reduce their size. After all the necessary changes are made, the surgeon will close the incisions with sutures, protect them with waterproof bandages, and place your breasts in a supportive recovery bra.

three women after breast reduction in the woodlands
woman in her bra, after breast reduction in The Woodlands

What’s the post-reduction recovery process like?

After breast reduction in The Woodlands you’ll experience some discomfort for 2-3 days after your surgery and quickly heal over the next 2-3 weeks. You will be able to shower 2 days after surgery. Your waterproof bandages will be removed after 2-3 weeks and you will begin scar optimization therapy. It is typically sufficient to take 1 week off work and avoid heavy lifting or lifting your arms overhead for 2 weeks. You will continue to wear a soft bra for 12 weeks then go bra shopping at 3 months with your new smaller and lifted breast shape!

Why choose Dr. Wu?

Dr. Chaowen Wu is one of the leading plastic surgeons in Houston and The Woodlands, TX. She specializes in natural procedures that adhere to your unique anatomy and expectations, ensuring natural-looking results inspired by your body. She has an exceptional educational and training background, having completed a rigorous 6-year integrated plastic surgery residency at the Medical College of Wisconsin followed by a dedicated 1-year aesthetic plastic surgery fellowship. If the shape or size of your breasts is bothering you, please schedule an appointment to discuss your breast reduction options today.

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