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Introducing: RY+UAL

RY+UAL (pronounced “ritual”), the highly anticipated natural and healthy approach to facial aging that you can only get through the unique partnership between Revel You (RY) + Urban Alchemy Lab (UAL). RY+UAL brings to you comprehensive solutions to facial aging spanning the entire spectrum from 100% natural youth-protecting skin care, body and mind cleansing facials, restorative treatments, minimally invasive refining procedures, to age redefining surgery.

RY+UAL Glow Enhancing
Recovery Package:

1 week before

1 week before your procedure: Get your mind & body ready for optimal healing with a relaxing and rejuvenating day!

  • Arrive at Urban Alchemy Lab where Dr. Wu will greet you and go over everything you need to know before your upcoming procedure.
  • Dr. Wu will then introduce you to Stevie, your glow expert.
  • Stevie will perform a comprehensive skin analysis examining every aspect of your skin from how it looks to how it feels in order to determine the best customized skin care plan for you.
  • Then relax your mind and let your tension melt away as Stevie puts her magical hands to work.
  • To prepare your face and body for your upcoming procedure, a deep cleanse of your facial tissues will be performed with a lymphatic drainage massage.
  • To prepare your skin by stimulating your new collagen production, microchanneling is performed.
  • This special treatment involves no downtime. You return home refreshed and you will begin using your custom skin care in preparation for your procedure.

3 days before

3 days before your procedure: Start your healing supplements.

  • Give your skin another collagen boost by starting your collagen supplements.
  • Give your body a jump start on reducing swelling and bruising by taking
  • Arnica and Bromelain recovery support.
  • Day of procedure! Get lots of TLC from Dr. Wu & the surgical team!
  • You will continue taking Arnica and Bromelain for 7 days after surgery to encourage bruising and swelling to dissipate faster so you can look and feel yourself sooner.
  • Also continue taking your collagen supplements.
woman getting spa treatment
ry+ual products

4 weeks after

4 weeks after your procedure: You’ve put in a month recovering, It’s time to get rewarded with another pampering session!

  • Dr. Wu and Stevie are excited to see you back again.
  • Your post-procedure facial at Urban Alchemy Lab will be targeted towards draining and improving lymphatic flow in the face and neck which will help remove stagnant swelling accumulated during the recovery process.
  • Time for another collagen boost! A second session of microchanneling during this phase of healing when collagen production is beginning to slow will further enhance and optimize your results.
  • You will get a custom skin care maintenance plan formulated with only 100% natural ingredients to upkeep your results long after your procedure.

The next phase in facial rejuvenation

No matter what decade of life you’re in or what your body has been through, come get restored and re-energized. Make us part of your life-long beauty RY+UAL.

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